How often Should my pet be groomed? 

We HIGHLY recommend getting your dog groomed every 4-6 weeks. It prevents skin conditions, lowers the risk of ear infections, prevents tangles, and you'll have more nights snuggling with your fur baby. The more often you come in the easier it is for your pet aswell. You can always schedule a bath & brush-out if you're not quite ready for a haircut!

Does Red Carpet Kennel their pets? 

Most of our pup-stars range free, while we worker bees do our magic! Periodically they may be kenneled but that is usually during rotation for example right after their bath & blow dry, they may wait 10-20 mins before  the groomer gives them their final GLAMMIES. 

Will my pet be with other dogs?

Your pup star will be mingling amongst other wagging tails in our friendly environment. Unless advised by the Pet parents otherwise. We will make sure we understand your dogs needs and how they react with other animals before introducing them.

How long will the Groom take?

This will depend on a few factors. Your dogs size and hair type will determine how long the bath or haircut will take. Your pets grooming profile will also determine how long it takes to do their groom ( If they are not used to grooming or the blow dryer it can add 30-45 mins to your groom. An average time is 2.5 -3.0 hours. Poodles or Double coated or large pets average 3.5-4.0 hours. The amount of appointments scheduled for the day you book may also be a time factor. We do offer Express Grooms for clients crunched for time. Our Go-Go-Glam Package costs an extra $15 so your pup can be groomed head to paw in only an hour!

If my dog is matted or has tangles do you REALLY HAVE TO SHAVE HIM?

Grooming Salons are created to keep your four legged friend maintained throughout the year.If they are not being brushed at home in-between grooms. It will result in a shorter haircut. Fun Fact: Human Hair tangles at the ends of our strands. Pet Hair tangles at the Scalp! This is why we have to use Thinner blades that result in the shaved look. The blade needs to be able to go UNDER the Matt or tangle in order to remove it. The thinner blades like #10 or #7 create a smooth look & pain-free groom for your pet. Not all tangles are easily brushed out & if it pains your pet we must advise the best approach by starting a fresh to remove the knots. Prevent this by investing in a slicker brush with NO pins at the tips. Brushout your love bug at least once a week. Another tip : When bathing your dog at home brush them while their coat is wet or after towel drying.

How much will my dogs grooming cost?

Your pets size and hair type will determine the cost of the groom. It also depends wether you're coming in for a bath or a haircut. Smaller dogs can be $45-$55 Medium dogs range at $60-75 and larger dogs $65-$100. A more accurate estimate will be made once we see your pet in person. If your pet has tangles, matts, fleas, or requires a handling fee for two groomers to hold them during a groom there will be a reasonable Up-charge. 

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