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What type of Client and K9 is compatible with Red Carpet? 

 Red Carpet doesn't service pets that have dog aggression to other dogs or people. This would be dog aggression behavior or any pet that has bitten in its grooming history. Sociable Dogs are our serving community. We must practice safety and harmony as our highest priority. *Puppies under 3 months of age are  recommended to be at least 3+ months for their comfortability. ***If your dog has recently been to the vet where they may have undergone pain or an uncomfortable procedure, we recommend waiting 2-3 weeks before getting back to your grooming schedule.  If you dog is has anxiety or is an Adult dogs who do not get groomed regularly (used to the bath and blow dryer) or a senior dog 13+ in age you can schedule as a meet & greet prior to servicing. If your baby falls under this category, add MEET AND GREET attached to your first or last name when booking online.

How much will my dogs grooming cost?

Your pets size and hair type will determine the cost of the groom. It also depends if your service is a bath or a haircut. A more accurate estimate will be made once we see your pet in person. If your pet has tangles, matts, fleas, or requires a handling fee for two groomers to hold them during a groom there will be a reasonable Up-charge. 

Please Refer to our Price Chart Here:

Do I Have to Create an Online Account to get an appointment?

YES! Our online booking system is designed for pet parents to set an appointment for their pup at their convenience. Creating your profile keeps the Red Carpet team fulfilling the proper needs of your groom. It will take 5-7 minutes to set up your profile, and makes future appointments a breeze with a few clicks. If you need assistance with booking an appointment online or creating an account please send us a text message at 760-575-0171. We'll be happy to assist you in this process.

What Measures does Red Carpet Take to keep our dogs at ease? 

Safety is our top priority at Red Carpet. To ensure your pets safety, we have protocols to keep dogs separated and do not accept dogs that do not get along with other pets. We also apply a handling fee if dogs are wiggly, nervous or anxious for certain tasks such as nail clipping or trimming their legs this allows your pet to be comforted and re-assures with the assistance of another staff member. We don't use heated cage dryers in our grooming process. Our facility is deep cleaned daily at the end of every shift we are very anal about keeping our salon clean and comfortable we don't like germies, cooties, or bacterias. We make sure the last rinse for the pet is done with Luke warm water to avoid overheating and we flush every pets eye before they are towel dried and blowdried for eye health.We use tearless shampoo for face washing to ensure your dogs eyes won't sting or burn. We use a happy hoodie in order to protect your dogs ears for the dryer. We have monitors in our salon to ensure all staff is following protocol and we can see at all points in time of the groom what part of the grooming process your pet is in and how they are doing. We keep our doors locked in between grooming sessions to avoid distracting your pets by guests so we can ensure they are calm and not overly excited by incomers. We keep our AC running so your dog is cool and comfortable most pupstars take naps in our salon because they are that relaxed. We use professional advanced tools for safe time saving grooms that give high quality results. We have a profile card system and Pet grooming Software that lets every employee know the different characteristics and needs to make sure they are met when grooming your dog as the specification of your pets individual need is our highest priority.

How often should my pet be groomed?

We recommend getting your pup star groomed every 4-6 weeks. This prevents skin conditions, and coat tangling, lowers the risk of ear infections, keeps matts & fleas away, and you'll have more nights snuggling with your fur baby. The more often you come in the more likely your baby is to enjoy grooming as well. You can schedule a bath & brush-out in between grooms as well. 

How long will the Groom take?

This will depend on your pet's breed condition and service picked as well as the season of the year.  We can only give estimates for pick up times and not exact out times. To be thorough we will call and text you 30 mins prior to your baby being complete you can request an hour heads up call for pickup as well. Your dogs size and hair type will determine how long the bath or haircut will take. Your pets grooming profile and behavior will also determine how long it takes to do their groom. An average time is 3.0-3.5  hours. Curly breeds, Double coated or large pets average 3.5-4.0  hours.  If you have two dogs 4.0- 5.0 hours is likely. Holiday schedules may also be a time factor. We do not rush for any reason because we choose quality over quantity. However We do offer Express Grooms for clients crunched for time. Our Go-Go-Glam Package costs an extra $20-25 so your pup can be groomed head to paw in 1-2 hours depending on the breed and service!

If my dog is matted or has tangles do you REALLY HAVE TO SHAVE HIM?

Our Grooming Salons will keep your four legged friend maintained throughout the year. When you're a client with us well help you pick a grooming schedule for the best results. However, If they are not being brushed at home in-between grooms. It will result in a shorter haircut. Fun Fact: Human Hair tangles at the ends of our strands. Pet Hair tangles at the Scalp! This is why we have to use Thinner blades that result in the shaved look. The blade needs to be able to go UNDER the Matt or tangle in order to remove it. Brushout your love bug at least once a week. Another tip : When bathing your dog at home, brush them while their coat is wet and again once they are completely dry, check the armpits, front and back legs for knots as well as behind the ears. 

Does Red Carpet Take Aggressive Dogs?

At Red Carpet, We do not service dogs that are aggressive to people or other pets. Pupstars that are socialized with both people and other fur babies are more than welcome to come in. We advise that your pet may fit well with a mobile groomer instead where there are no other dogs and your pet can build trust with a groomer one on one as it is not in the best interest of your pupstar to switch groomers for these behavior types. Older dogs, fearful pets, possibly aggressive pets or those who may have anxiety work best with a mobile groomer.

Does Red Carpet Kennel Their Pets ? 

 Periodically they may be kenneled but that is usually during rotation for example right after their bath & blow dry, they may wait 10-15 mins before the groomer gives them their final GLAMMIES. Feel free to purchase an express package for an in & out visit.

Do you have more questions? Contact us. Text For the Fastest Response

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